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2016 NFL Draft Round 1 Recap: UCLA LB Myles Jack Remains On The Board

Myles Jack had to be disappointed when he wasn't drafted in the first round of this year's NFL Draft.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA linebacker Myles Jack was not chosen in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, due to concerns over his injured knee.

He was originally predicted by many to be a top 10 pick despite the injury, but, as the first round proceeded, it became clear that teams were clearly concerned about Jack's knee.

It's one of the top stories to emerge from Day 1 of this year's draft. The only story that might be more compelling would be the controversy surrounding Laremy Tunsil's social media accounts.

Shortly before the draft began, Tunsil's YouTube account posted a video showing Tunsil smoking weed with a gas mask on. The end of the video reveals that it was, in fact, Tunsil who was wearing the gas mask. It was subsequently tweeted on Tunsil's Twitter account.

Later on, Tunsil's Instagram account posted images of screenshots of text messages appearing to be made between Tunsil and Ole Miss assistant athletic director John Miller asking for money for his mom's rent and electric bill.

After first denying it, Tunsil later acknowledged that he received cash. Expect the NCAA to start investigating the Rebel football program soon.

Tunsil was eventually drafted by the Miami Dolphins with the 13th pick of the draft.

After the Tunsil drama subsided, the next biggest story was the fall of Myles Jack. Ultimately, it appears that Jim Mora's original reaction was right and Myles probably should have planned to return for another year at UCLA in order to prove that his knee was stable.

It really makes one wonder more about the details of Jack's knee injury from the start. If you remember back to when the injury occurred, there weren't a whole lot of details as to exactly what had happened. Even afterwards, details were few and far between.

Now, I understand that there are privacy laws and all, but, realistically, when a player tears up his ACL, the nature of the injury is announced even in college. For instance, when Stephen Manfro tore his ACL, the diagnosis was widely reported in the news. But, that never occurred in Jack's case.

It just makes you wonder what hasn't been said.

The big plus side for the Bruins in the Draft came at the 27th pick when the Green Bay Packers picked their fourth Bruin in four years when they selected Kenny Clark. It was a little surprise because Clark wasn't predicted to go until the second round by a lot of people.

Tomorrow brings Rounds 2 & 3.

Go Bruins!!!