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Spaulding Report: UCLA Football Making Smooth Transitions

Spring Football is about learning. For some, like Ishmael Adams, it's about learning a new position. For the new guys, like Lokeni Toaloa, it's about making the adjustment from high school football to college football. But, overall, things are going smoothly.

Joe Piechowski

The Bruins held their fourth session of Spring Practice last evening and their second in full pads.

After practice, Coach Mora met with the media and discussed the session.

One of the first things he spoke about was that the team had cut down on the number of false starts to only two false starts on roughly 90 plays.

He also said that Ishmael Adams is making a smooth transition to wide receiver. He also hinted that he could still play defense as well.

Coach Mora was asked about Lokeni Toaloa and he said he looks like a throwback middle linebacker. Mora added, "The game doesn't seem too big for him and he doesn't seem overwhelmed by anything." Overall, he is very pleased with all the new guys who have joined the program early.

He also provided a few injury reports. Marcus Rios suffered a strained groin on Saturday. Steven Manfro hurt his shoulder yesterday and was scheduled to be evaluated by doctors last night.

Dwight Williams is no longer with the program. Mora did not explain offer any explanation as to why he isn't with the program any more.

Aaron Sharp had a class issue which kept him from practicing yesterday.

One interesting thing that Coach Mora spoke about was how the team has slowed down the pace of practice to accommodate more learning. He expects the tempo to pick up as Spring Practice continues.

He is also encouraged by the presence of all the alumni who have been out at practice because they are guys who can help the players learn more about what they need to do to get to where they want to be.

The last question Coach Mora was asked was sort of off the wall. The question was about Kobe Bryant's accomplishments in the NBA. Coach Mora deflected the question, though, saying he really isn't a big NBA fan and he's more of a college basketball fan. No one asked him for a prediction of last night's championship game or for his opinion on the state of UCLA basketball.

Here's the full video of the press conference, courtesy of Ed Lewis and the Bruin Sports Report.

If you watched Coach Mora's interview, you heard him discuss how Ishmael Adams is making the transition to offense. Well, Ish also spoke to the media about it yesterday. Here's what he said, courtesy of Ed Lewis and the Bruin Sports Report.

The Orange County Register has a feature on Scott Quessenberry by Bob Keisser. Quessenberry is coming back after having surgery on both shoulders.

Naturally, Quessenberry spoke about his injuries and how it feels to be back.

I feel great. My shoulders are great. This is the strongest and biggest I’ve felt in my life. The last year has been a lot of time in the weight room to get to this point.

The injuries were frustrating, but good in a way. My freshman season, I was too small and I wasn’t totally healthy as a sophomore. I’ve had a lot of time to get healthy and work in the weight room.

Keisser also quotes Quessenberry on the new offense.

I love the new offense. It’s a good philosophy for us. It’s different, but it’s an offense that’s easy to adapt to. It’s more of a downhill attack. Now it’s a hit-them-in-the-mouth offense. Old School.

Ed Lewis posted the full interview with Quessenberry.

Last but not least is Coach Meat talking about the installation of the nickel defense. Thanks again to Ed Lewis and the Bruin Sports Report for all of today's videos.

The Bruins' next practice session will be tomorrow morning at 7 am.

Go Bruins!!!