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Josh Rosen Calls Out the NCAA As UCLA Announces UA Deal

UCLA's QB offered his take on Instagram regarding what the UCLA Under Armour Deal means to him.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Someone might want to let Jim Mora know that his message to Josh Rosen hasn't quite gotten through.

Just days after Mora told Rich Eisen that he has asked Rosen whether he wants to be like Johnny Manziel or Tom Brady, Rosen appears to have told his coach, at least figuratively, that he wants to be like UCLA legend Bill Walton.

Of course, that's a reference to Walton getting arrested while protesting back when he was a student. Thankfully, Rosen wasn't arrested or anything like it for exercising his First Amendment rights this morning.

Rosen did his protesting today on Instagram.

After the LA Times put up a story on UCLA's $280M Under Armour deal, Rosen posted a graphic from the story to his Instagram account with the comment "We're still amateurs though. Gotta love non-profits. #NCAA"

The story is making its way across the internet and Twitter. ESPN, the Washington Post, Bleacher Report and TMZSports, among others, are all reporting it.

ESPN's report mentions that the post was removed about an hour after it was posted.

His post does raise an interesting question and it's one which may end up in front of the US Supreme Court soon as the NCAA has decided to appeal the decision in the O'Bannon case.

Go Bruins!