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Mique Juarez Has Missed the Last Two UCLA Football Practices

In response to three questions from reporters involving the five star freshman, Jim Mora responded that Juarez had an "excused absence."

Where's Mique?
Where's Mique?
Joe Piechowski

UCLA wrapped up its week of Fall Camp in Westwood yesterday, capped off by a Westwood Fan Appreciation Day during and after the very windy afternoon practice.

The Bruins also practiced in the morning, and after the morning practice, Head Coach Jim L. Mora spoke with the media. Big thanks to Edward Lewis and Bruin Sports Report for the video of Coach Mora, as well the following three videos.

IMO, the most critical information to come from this interview is that five star freshman linebacker, Mique Juarez, was absent from practice for the second day in a row. In response to three straight questions concerning Juarez's absence, Coach Mora gave the same answer.

Reporter: Mique has been gone the last two days.

Mora: Yes, he has.

Reporter: What's . . .

Mora: He's got an excused absence. Yeah. He's got an excused absence from us.

Second Reporter: Is there any chance he's off the team?

Mora: He's got an excused absence from us.

Third reporter: Do you have an expectation for when he'll return?

Mora: He's got an excused absence from us.

Uhhhhh . . . this is concerning. Wouldn't it make sense for Coach Mora to answer the question about whether he is off the team with an unequivocal "no"? The canned responses can certainly be interpreted as a sign that there might be issues with Juarez. Juarez was an early enrollee and participated in spring practice. So, is this simply a passing personal issue, or something more? Let the rumors begin. If Juarez is not on the bus to San Berdoo, it may be time to waive the panic flag with respect to him.

After the afternoon practice, Secondary Coach Demetrice ("Meat") Martin spoke with the media. Check out this video of the interview.

Aside from discussing the players under him, it was interesting to hear Coach Meat talk about the experience and communication between this veteran unit. In stressing the players' use of the "three Vs," visual, verbal, and volume, Coach Meat discussed the hand signals used by the players to communication pre-snap.

Next up is Randall Goforth.

Goforth talks about the fact that, even though the secondary was a top unit last year, they are still striving to get better. He also addresses the fact that he was forced to play corner back last year, but now is back at his natural safety position. Goforth also addressed the non-verbal communication he has between himself and Jaleel Wadood.

Finally, we get to hear from Fabian Moreau, who returns after missing most of the season last year due to a lisfranc injury to his foot.

Moreau was very frustrated after his injury last season with not being able to help the team on the field and is excited to be back on the field, in his own words, "playing the game I love." He stated that he is 100% recovered from his injury and does not even think about his foot while playing, which is obviously great news. Thanks again to Edward Lewis and Bruin Sports Report for all of these videos.

Be sure to check back with BN later today for Joe's photos and other details from yesterday's fan appreciation day.

Next up for the Bruins is a week of San Bernardino and 100 degree plus temperatures (at least through Wednesday). After a day off today, UCLA will hit the practice field in San Berdoo two times tomorrow, at 8:30 a.m. and 5:45 p.m.

Have any thoughts about yesterday practices? Share them in the comments section.

Go Bruins!