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UCLA Football Leads BYU 10-0 At Halftime

The Bruins lead the Cougars 10-0 at the half in a relatively quiet game.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Listen to the 2nd Half Here on BN!

So far tonight, we had a relatively uneventful and lackluster first quarter. Defense looked good, but Rosen, not so much. In the second quarter, the offense looked like it was picking up, but fell off until the defense grabbed a big INT to get three more points. Defense remained strong which resulted in BYU getting shut out in the first half. The BYU offense has not looked the greatest and Hill is still not completing downfield passes (and neither is Rosen, for that matter). We've seen the appearances of Takk McKinley, EV, and Deon Hollins, and our defense held it together well in the first half.

The only scoring came on a short TD pass to Cameron Griffin. JJ Molson later added a field goal to make it 10-0 Bruins.

This is your second half game thread.

Go Bruins!!!