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UCLA’s Mique Juarez: “It Was Just Too Much Pressure”

The five-star recruit from North Torrance High opened up about his situation.


Thuc Nhi Nguyen of (and the Southern California News Group) has an article on the Daily Breeze website which offers the first explanation in about six weeks about what is going on with Mique Juarez.

In the article, Juarez admits that "it was just too much pressure."

As a result, UCLA head coach Jim Mora helped Juarez by having him meet with a psychiatrist. Nguyen adds that Juarez will be in class when the Fall Quarter begins this week.

She also notes that Juarez still does not feel comfortable enough to discuss the actual issue completely.

In the article, Juarez mentions that the thing which bothered him most wasn’t the questions from fans but the constant rumors. Juarez said:

I think the worst thing that really bothers me is some of the things people are saying. Some of these articles people are writing. It was hard to believe this is what people are saying about me. People are just making something up about what’s been happening with my whole football career.

Well, it’s good to know that he’s getting help with whatever his issues may be and that he plans on being in class this week.

And, on behalf of all of Bruins Nation, we wish him the best in getting things sorted out.

Go Bruins!