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The Odd Couple: Josh Rosen And Conor McDermott Discuss Music, Politics And Their Disdain for Southern Cal

While these two guys seem like polar opposites, they also seem to get along perfectly.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today, The Player's Tribune has an absolute must-read article from UCLA QB Josh Rosen and his Left Tackle Conor McDermott.

Unlike most articles on The Player's Tribune, which are written in the first person by the athletes themselves, this one is more of a conversation between Rosen and McDermott.

The best part of the article, in my opinion, is how their comraderie comes through. For instance, at one point, Josh asks Conor about his least favorite place to place in the Pac-12. Conor replies:

We haven’t been there since my freshman year, but the trip to Pullman — Washington State — it must have been 10°. I was 240 pounds at the time, skin and bones, and —

But, then, Josh totally cuts McDermott off, saying, "Yeah, because 240 pounds is skin and bones...." before McDermott finishes with, "Well, compared to what I am now. Anyway … Coach Klemm wouldn’t let us wear sleeves, and I didn’t play, so I was just standing there freezing the whole time. I’ll never forget that. It was the worst."

The article concludes with the two discussing the presidential election.

McDermott only really dips his toe in. He says, "I don’t really have a feel for either candidate, but the presidential race has been more like a celebrity talk show. It’s weird."

But, then, Josh opens up more about his dislike for Donald Trump. Let's just say that it comes off a lot better than the golf course photo as he offers a more reasoned explanation.

Overall, it's a nice glimpse into a conversation between two guys that seem to be really good friends, complete with jokes and a lot of ribbing each other.

Go Bruins!!!