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UCLA Football’s New Offensive Coordinator Jedd Fisch Will Be Paid $800K

Fisch will get a slight raise from the $750K he would have made had he stayed at Michigan.

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Bruins Nation has learned that new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch’s two-year contract with UCLA will net him $800K before incentive bonuses in 2017 as long as Fisch is still on staff as of December 15, 2017.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Base salary: $250,000
  • Talent fee: $244,000
  • Signing bonus: $150,000
  • Retention bonus: $156,000 (if still employed by UCLA on 12/15/17)

As far as other bonuses go, Fisch can earn up to an additional $100,000 if the school wins the National Championship. Fisch will earn a $10K bonus if the team makes a bowl game, a $15K bonus if the team plays in the Pac-12 Championship Game, a $20K bonus if the team is selected to play in a New Year’s Six bowl game, an additional $10K bonus if the New Year’s Six bowl game is a CFP Semifinal game, a $20K bonus if the team wins a CFP Semifinal game, and, finally, a $25K bonus if the team wins the National Championship.

In the event that Fisch is terminated without cause, UCLA would be required to pay him his base salary and talent fee which would be offset by any money he makes elsewhere. That said, the contract has a unique clause in the event that Jim Mora is fired or leaves for another job. In that case, Fisch’s contract then ends 30 days after the hiring of the new head coach without any further obligation on UCLA’s part, meaning that the buyout would not apply.

Here’s the full text of his contract:

Of course, this means that the good news is that Adrian Klemm is no longer the highest paid assistant on the UCLA Football coaching staff, but the bad news is that Klemm continues to be employed by UCLA at the cost of $760K per year.

Here’s hoping that Coach Fisch earns every penny in his contract, especially all of the incentive bonuses.

Go Bruins!