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UCLA Football Fans Call Out Failures of Jim Mora and Dan Guerrero

Prior to tonight’s game against the Sun Devils, UCLA fans could easily see the message flying overhead.

This banner is currently flying over the Rose Bowl.
Joe Piechowski

Prior to tonight’s Veterans’ Day football game, there was a flyover.

No, I’m not referring to the usual military flyover, although there was one of those, too. I’m talking about a flyover paid for by Bruin football fans who are concerned about the direction of the football program.

After the Washington game, Bruin fan Michael Peters was depressed and tired of watching our beloved Bruins losing football week after week under Jim Mora. So he decided to do something about it.

Peters started what has become an ongoing fundraising effort to pay for both flying banners and mobile billboards. As of this morning, the effort has raised more than $8,500 in just 11 days with 74 fans contributing money to the effort.

Two banners have been flying over the Rose Bowl prior to today's UCLA Football game. The first one reads “GUERRERO 9-16 THE LAST 25 GAMES NO MORA!” Another one which says, “UCLA FB 16 YRS 0 ROSE BOWLS 0 CONF TITLES!” is also flying.

Whether or not the message got through to the UCLA Administration is not known. Chancellor Gene Block, Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and Senior Associate Athletic Director Josh Rebholz were all in China this week for the Pac-12 China Men’s Basketball Game and they weren’t expected to be back in time to attend Saturday night’s game at the Rose Bowl.

But then, Rebholz sent out a tweet that made it sound like he would be there, possibly with Guerrero and/or Block.

Whether or not the administrative trio all made it back in time, there’s no doubt that the message got out to fans attending tonight’s game.

This is what it looked like.

Of course, fans can still contribute to the effort by visiting the GoFundMe page that Peters has set up.

Go Bruins!!!