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Jim Mora Is a Good Man, but UCLA Needed to Make a Change

UCLA needs a coach of good character who can also win more football games.

Colorado v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Two years ago, following Jim Mora’s first loss to Southern Cal, I declared the “Bruin Revolution” to be over. Since then, I’ve repeatedly explained why Jim Mora should no longer be employed by UCLA.

Now, it would be easy for me to sit here beyond my keyboard today and gloat.

I’m not going to do that.

Why? Because Jim Mora is a good man. Unfortunately, he just isn’t a very successful football coach.

Throughout his tenure at UCLA, he has served as a good example for the young men he led. When Nick Pasquale was tragically killed, it was Jim who helped the team move forward and, while it would have been easy for him to have simply moved on, Jim kept Nick’s memory in the minds of his players and he did it simply by wearing his #36 cap frequently.

Whenever his players acted like, well, college kids, he provided the necessary off-the-field discipline that was tough, but required.

If you listened to him speak of his players during any of his press conferences, you can certainly understand that he was definitely a father figure for them. He truly cares for them and their well-being now and in the long-term.

So, it wasn’t a really surprise last week when Josh Rosen defended his coach after the public display of dissatisfaction with Mora’s on-field results.

It is the quality of Mora’s character that makes a day like today so hard. On one hand, you have a good man who has served as a good example for the young men he was a teach of. On the other hand, UCLA needs a football coach who has good character and can also win football games.

Jim Mora was not successful enough at the second part of that and Bruin fans have noticed. That’s why attendance has dropped 25% from just three years ago.

And, it’s why Dan Guerrero did the only thing he could in firing Mora.

Go Bruins!