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Bruins in the Super Bowl

UCLA will have two former players involved in Super Bowl LI.

Washington Huskies v UCLA Bruins Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

While college football may be over, we are still hanging on to the last days of the NFL. With Super Bowl LI only a few hours away, we thought we’d take some time to highlight the two Super Bowl participants who once donned the Blue and Gold. At least one Bruin will go home with a ring this weekend since we have a player on each team.

Matthew Slater, #18 for the Patriots, was drafted by New England in the fifth round of the 2008 draft. While he is listed as a wide receiver, Slater has made most of his contributions on special teams. He has been selected to play in the last six Pro Bowls as a special teams player (including this year, although he bowed out due to Super Bowl play) and was selected by his teammates as Special Teams Captain three years in a row. He and his father, Jackie Slater, hold the most Pro Bowl invites of an active father-son pair with 13.

For the Falcons we have Devin Fuller, who was selected in the seventh round of the 2016 draft and showed huge potential in the preseason. He was unfortunately sidelined due to a shoulder injury, but we should definitely see him in the future on the Falcons roster, as he made quite a bit of noise as a rookie in the preseason. And yes, to my knowledge, if the Falcons win, he’ll still get a ring.

If anyone out there is disappointed that we only have two participants, do not be dismayed. We have more than Southern Cal.

Go Bruins!