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New UCLA Football Jerseys Leaked By Internet Retailer

An email from shows images of the new Bruin football jerseys.

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Email sent out by

On Saturday, I received an email from Bruins Nation reader Kenny Paik. He forwarded me something he received from which contains images of two football jerseys among other Under Armour merchandise.

Email sent out by

Now, don’t go clicking the “Shop Now” button (because the image above is a screen capture and doesn’t work) or, go racing over to They don’t actually have stock on the new jerseys yet.

But their email contained the image which shows what appears to be the new Bruins jerseys or at least replicas of the new jerseys.

For the most part, they look very traditional. Although the numbering on the white away jersey looks a little odd without any kind of outline around it. And, of course, the numbering is a lighter shade than the traditional navy blue that’s been used on white away jerseys for years. It appears that the blue is the same new “Powderkeg Blue” color that you see on the home jerseys.

We’ll find out for sure on July 15th.

Thanks again to Kenny for sending that in.

Go Bruins!!!