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Photo Gallery: Inside UCLA’s Wasserman Football Center Grand Opening

Thanks to a BN member, we have some of the first photos of the inside of the new Wasserman Football Center.

Casey Wasserman speaks at the opening of the Wasserman Football Center.

One of the nice things about running a site like Bruins Nation is that people are always sharing inside info with us. Most of the time, we can’t use it because we can’t confirm the latest rumor about whatever it might be.

But, when a member who was invited to the Wasserman Football Center Grand Opening sent us some pictures of last night’s opening today, that member gave us an okay to publish pictures of the inside of the new facility.

I will mention that the member who gave these to us is someone who has not been a fan of the department administration including AD Dan Guerrero. However, I was told that Dan and the entire department deserve much congratulations for the job that has been done here with the Wasserman Football Center. I was also told that the individual who supplied these thinks that the new facility is definitely in the top 5 football facilities nationally.

Thanks for sharing these with all of Bruins Nation!

Go Bruins!!!