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UCLA Football: Bruins Schedule Home-and-Home Series Against Wisconsin Badgers

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The Bruins have not played the Badgers since the 2000 Sun Bowl.

Sun Bowl X Anderson
The Bruins last faced the Badgers in the 2000 Sun Bowl.
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UCLA announced today that the school has scheduled a home-and-home football series with the University of Wisconsin for 2029 and 2030. As part of the agreement, the Bruins will host the Badgers at the Rose Bowl on September 15, 2029 and they will travel to Camp Randall Stadium on September 7, 2030.

These will be the first regularly scheduled matchups between the schools since UCLA defeated Wisconsin 51-26 in Madison on September 18, 1982.

The Bruins lead the series with a 7-4 record against the Badgers, but the Badgers have won the last three matchups. The Badgers edged the Bruins in the 2000 Sun Bowl, 21-20. They also beat UCLA in the last two Rose Bowls the Bruins appeared in, winning 38-31 in 1999 and 21-16 in 1994.

Go Bruins!