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Utah Utes Lead UCLA 17-7 at the Half

After two quarters, the Utes put up a pair of touchdowns and a field goal to best the Bruins.


UCLA went into the locker room down by two scores tonight after putting up a touchdown in the first quarter and missing an opportunity to score a field goal in the second.

Utah struck first with a 22-yard field goal by kicker Matt Gay. UCLA answered with a rushing touchdown by Josh Kelley to go up 7-3, but Utah scored a pair of touchdowns, the first a pass play by Britain Covey (his second this year) and the second on the ground by star running back Zack Moss. UCLA was able to move the ball at the tail end of the second quarter with key receptions by Theo Howard and Caleb Wilson to get kicker J.J. Molson within field goal range, but squandered the opportunity with a false start penalty.

The Ute defense is in solid form, but our Bruins are definitely not out of this game by any means. Wilton Speight has had several bright spots, but is currently passing at around 50% and receivers have dropped several balls. While Utah quarterback Tyler Huntley doesn’t have many yards himself, Zack Moss will certainly be over the 200 yard mark for the night if he keeps playing like he has in the first half.

Halftime adjustments are going to be key in order for our Bruins to stay in the game. Contain the run and force turnovers that turn into defensive points.

This is your second half game thread.

Go Bruins!