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UCLA Football: Whoa! OL Justin Murphy To Transfer For Sixth Year

After thanking UCLA’s compliance department for its help in obtaining a sixth year of eligibility, Justin Murphy shows his announcing that he’s leaving Westwood.

Louisiana Tech v Texas Tech
Prior to coming to UCLA as a grad transfer last season, Justin Murphy (73) played for new Southern Cal OC Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech. Could Murphy be planning to reunite with his old coach across town?
Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Wow. Talk about an about-face.

It was two days ago that Justin Murphy announced that he had been granted a sixth year of eligibility. This was his tweet on Monday.

Now, today, he’s leaving.

He announced today’s news on Twitter, too.

It’s pretty unbelievable if it wasn’t true.

It will be interesting to see where Murphy ends up, given that Kliff Kingsbury, his former head coach at Texas Tech, is the new offensive coordinator over at Southern Cal.

It would seem a possibility, given that all transfers, not just graduate transfers, are no longer able to have the schools they can transfer to restricted.

At the same time, I don’t believe the graduate transfer rule has ever been used twice by the same student-athlete.

Obviously, UCLA will miss the leadership he brought to the offensive line this year and he showed a lot of heart by working to recover from his most recent knee injury to get back out on the field but, from an on-the-field perspective, the loss shouldn’t hurt all that much as Jake Burton will have another year of experience under his belt.

Go Bruins!!!