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UCLA Football: Drill and Kill

Today’s practice focused on honing in on offensive plays and showed improvement in the read-option.

Boss Tagaloa taking reps at center.

It’s a good thing practice was early today, since it was another hot one in Southern California. UCLA football was back at it again on Spaulding, and showed improvement in some of their offensive schemes.

Matt Lynch seemed to get a lot of the reps where the play was designed for a downfield throw. Other than that, they stuck to many of the same plays they ran on Saturday, which included a new triple-option play. Will Lockett finally wore pads today and actually picked off Lynch.

Short pitches to the running backs looked better today, and didn’t end up on the ground like they did over the weekend.

In 7-on-7 drills, Demetric Felton caught a touchdown pass from both Devon Modster and Austin Burton. Felton was used quite a bit on screen passes today, and also had an amazing sideline catch form Lynch.

Boss Tagaloa and Zach Sweeney continued splitting reps at center, with one of Tagaloa’s snaps going right over Modster’s head. Modster didn’t look too sharp today, missing throws in the 15 to 20 yard range, with one almost getting picked off. He also overthrew long balls when he had the opportunity to get it downfield. One positive moment was when freshman Chase Cota was able to snag one that wasn’t exactly on target.

Jake Burton met with the media today and discussed the progress of the offensive line. He talked about building chemistry and working together during tough times with so much new personnel and missing people like Scott Quessenberry. Play calling is faster, and the line is getting pushed more than they’re probably used to. Burton actually started as a defensive lineman, and is happy to make the move to offensive line.

Today’s videos are brought to you courtesy of Thuc Nhi Nguyen at Los Angeles Daily News.

Josh Wariboko-Alali was up next, and also talked about the camaraderie on the offensive line. The new emphasis on nutrition, rest, and self-monitoring was brought up, as well as adjusting to the new offense (which Wariboko-Alali says is “second to none”). This guy was a four-star athlete coming out of high school, so hopefully the new coaches will help him grow to reach his full potential.

Thanks again to Thuc Nhi Nguyen at Los Angeles Daily News for today’s practice videos.

Go Bruins!