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UCLA Football: The Salaries and Contracts of Bruin Offensive Assistant Coaches

Which of the UCLA offensive assistants earned their keep the past two seasons?

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Oregon State v. UCLA
UCLA offensive coordinator Justin Frye is the Bruins’ highest paid offensive assistant.

Having looked at the contracts of the UCLA Bruins football defensive assistant coaches this morning, I want to take a quick peak at the contracts of the offensive assistants as well before AB 5 kicks in.

There weren’t any real surprises on the offensive side of the ball. Justin Frye has been UCLA’s highest paid offensive assistant, which makes sense since he’s the team’s offensive coordinator. When his contract is up in February, he will have earned just over $1.2 million.

If there’s anyone on the offensive side of the ball who might be overpaid, it’s Dana Bible, considering the overall inconsistency of Dorian Thompson-Robinson all season long. Bible’s contract is paying him $900,000 between last season and this season.

Both DeShaun Foster and Jimmie Dougherty are each currently on one year contracts because they were both under contract already when Chip Kelly was hired. Dougherty made $340,000 this year while Foster only earned $290,400.

Derek Sage got himself a raise this year as a result of adding the Special Teams Coordinator duties. So, while he earned just $250,000 last season, this year he made $325,000, giving him a total of $575,000 over two seasons.

That wraps up part two of our look at the contracts of UCLA football assistant coaches.

Which of these coaches have earned their keep over the past two seasons? Which, if any, need to go to allow UCLA football to get better in 2020? Sound off in the comments below.

Go Bruins!!!