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Bruin injury report from ASU game

per Edward Lewis's twitter

OL Simon Goins suffered an ankle fracture yesterday and had surgery this morning.  He'll be out approx 8 weeks and should be ready for spring ball.

WR Darren Andrews had a knee injury.  The tweet says ligament but another source said meniscus cartilage.  He will have surgery on Tuesday.  Depending on the severity, there is an outside shot at being ready for a bowl but spring is mor likely.

WR Grayson Mazzone tore his ACL.  That's unfortunately what it looked like when he went down last night.  He will need surgery but there is no word when that will be, but it will probably come later this week after the swelling has gone done.  Grayson is a redshirt senior, so this sadly ends his college football career.

CB Fabian Moreau injured his hamstring, which probably explains why we saw Priest Willis last night .  No word on if he'll be erady on Saturday for Southern Cal.

WR Devin Fuller's injury was a hamstring also.  Mora says he'll have a "good shot" at palying on Saturday.

Get well soon, Bruins!