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Mora After Arizona: Admits "Screw Up" in Fake Punt Call , Calls Mazzone a "Mad Scientist"

Jim Mora's post game comments after UCLA's big road win against Arizona.

Check out Jim Mora's post game comments in the video above (courtesy of Jack Wang on Inside UCLA).

Jim Mora admitted that he "probably screwed up" by calling for the fake punt. I honestly don't think so and I disagree here with some of my colleagues on the frontage. I was disheartened that we didn't convert. That was due to execution and we can work on that. But I like that aggressive mindset. But what I still don't like is decisions to punt on 4th and short on the opponent's 36 yard line.

Mora suggested it was Noel Mazzone's decision to try out the packages with defensive players calling him a "mad scientist." Well, in that case Mazzone gets props. but there are still lot of questions to be answered regarding our vanilla play calling on offense and use of personnel (i.e. absence of Malcolm Jones in the tailback rotation).

Mora also gave big props to Jordan Zumwalt - "the energizer bunny" of Bruin defense who had a fantastic game, calling him a "heck of a football player." Zumwalt had an outstanding game last night as he continues to have a great senior season. Hopefully it just gets better for him.

Despite the big win, let's keep in mind that Bruins despite all the talent would have lost the game to a mediocre Arizona team if not for a freakish, super-human talents of an 18 year old freshman. That's something the coaches need to reflect on heading into this last stretch of regular season.

Oh and speaking of the stretch run - - Mora appealed to Bruin Nation to wear or to buy something Black to "Black Out" the Rose Bowl this Friday night for a special Friday night/ESPN game against Washington. Sounds good to us.