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Gameday Bruin Bites: Today's TV Schedule and 'Great' Bruin Linebackers

Early UCLA Football gameday notes and a TV schedule for today's other college football action


Good morning Bruins Nation. Yes, we have made it through the week for another Saturday of college football, leading to the Bruins taking on Arizona later tonight. There isn't a whole lot of new football news this morning, but a couple of notes to start off the day.

Chris Foster wrote up the obligatory story looking at the recent UCLA failures in Tuscon, while the Arizona Daily Star runs a story talking about how fired up the Wildcats are after falling on the receiving end of last year's epic beatdown at the Rose Bowl. The Bruin linebackers have the full attention and respect of Daily Star Columnist Greg Hansen.

Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks and Myles Jack have combined for 162 tackles. The fourth guy, who gets lost in the bound-for-the-NFL star search, Jordan Zumwalt, has 56 tackles.

Nobody in college football has a linebacking group like that. Not Alabama. Not Stanford.

He continued on by rating this year's fearsome foursome as one of the great linebacking cores in the history of the Pac-10/12.

We have to wait all the way until 7pm Pacific time tonight to watch the Bruins play. At least that means that there is plenty of time to catch up on what unfolds elsewhere in the Pac-12 and throughout the country. Here are the games being shown today on the major national networks (all times Pacific).

  • Florida State @ Wake Forest, OR
  • Kansas St @ Texas Tech, 9am (ABC)
  • Auburn @ Tennessee, 9am (ESPN)
  • Penn St @ Minnesota, 9am (ESPN2)
  • Iowa @ Purdue, 9am (Big Ten Network)
  • Southern Cal @ Cal, Noon (Fox)

Early Afternoon

  • Nebraska @ Michigan, 12:30pm, (ABC)
  • Miss St. @ Texas A&M, 12:30pm (CBS)
  • BYU @ Wisconsin, 12:30pm (ESPN)
  • Kansas @ Oklahoma St, 1pm (Fox Sports 1)
  • ASU @ Utah, 1pm (Pac-12 Network)
  • Texas @ West Virginia, 4pm (FOX)
  • Virginia Tech @ Miami, 4pm (ESPN)
  • Houston @ UCF, 4pm (ESPN2)
  • LSU @ Alabama, 5pm (CBS)
  • Notre Dame @ Pitt, 5pm (ABC)
  • Colorado @ Washington, 5pm (Pac-12 Network)
And a pair of other nationally televised games while the Bruins are playing late tonight:
  • Fresno State @ Wyoming, 7:15pm (ESPN2)
  • San Diego State @ San Jose St, 7:30pm (CBS Sports Net)
This is your open thread for today's early games and for general gameday conversation.