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Spaulding Roundup: UCLA Football's Brett Hundley and Myles Jack on Arizona, Washington, and Jack as a RB

Brett Hundley and Myles Jack speak to the media about Arizona, UW's Shaq Thompson, playing both ways, and the trip to Seattle.

Stephen Dunn

Brett Hundley spoke to the media:

Thanks to Ryan Kartje with the OC Register.

Brett's comments were rather short today, and thankfully, had a smidge more substance than the conversation with Myles Jack, which I will get into next.

Hundley remarked that they dropped back quite often on defense and they tried to take advantage of the one-on-one when they could, and they were able to capitalize on the pass to Jordan Payton. (Not Payton Jordan, Rod Gilmore.)  If the offense can get it all in one play, then Brett is definitely on board with the play, but there's always underneath and intermediate routes available to him.  He certainly hopes that defenses are dropping back out of respect for the passing game.

He was then asked the basic questions about Washington's defense, about Shaq Thompson, UW's Myles Jack, and Hundley gave the same answers of how you have to respect every one in this conference and there are no easy games.   When asked the same question again about UCLA's conference after a "big" win against Arizona, Hundley gave the answer you wanted to hear, which is that you know we can pick up a win against a "top tier" (emphasis ours) opponent but we still have three games left.  Washington is the best defensive line the Bruins will see so far this year, and he knows his offensive line will pick him up.

Apparently the media likes asking Brett about getting hit.  Someone actually asked him what goes through his mind when he's running through space.  At least Brett took the question seriously and said "running for a first down" instead of "for my life."

The Myles Jack portion of the interview had Brett saying that he thinks Myles should stay on defense, as he's really good there, and the novelty of the Myles Jack package may have worn off and defenses are keying in on it, but you have to give Jack respect, he's in the game for a reason and we'll make things happen for him.

Again, thanks to Ryan Kartje of the OC Register.

Ok, it's time to play "Be the Beat Reporter!"  Let's guess what questions they will ask Myles Jack.

Pencils down, everyone.

If you guessed:

  • Playing at home at Washington questions/emotions, you get 1 point
  • Playing both ways, like Shaq Thompson, you get 1 point
  • Why UCLA over Washington, you get 1 point
  • Do UW fans have a problem with you, you get 1 point
  • Do you like LB or RB more?, again, 1 point.
Congratulations, you just asked, in a nutshell, every question asked of Myles Jack this week.

Jack said this game will be fun, as he is going home, and family will be in the stands. He knows he's going to get "it" this week on twitter and from friends and relatives, but he has to learn to not respond on twitter, and in addition, to not respond on the field and cost his team more in penalty yardage.  He said he had forgotten about the finger licking incident last year, and admits it was immature, but his emotions were running through them and at the time, he thought it was appropriate.  He knows his button may get pushed, but he'll do his best to not pick up another penalty.

He respects the job Shaq Thompson has done this year on offense and defense, even though last week Thompson spent a little more time on offense. It's a lot of work to play for 100 snaps, learn two playbooks, and take all those hits, and they're really the only two in college football playing both ways consistently.

As for a full time move to RB, Jack said he'd only do it if someone that is a "credible NFL source" said he'd have more of a future there than at LB.  Coach Polamalu asks him weekly if he'd like to move (Coach KP, good job) but Jack says he wants to stay on defense - that's where his heart is.

As for Shaq Thompson:

Go Bruins.