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UCLA Sells out Its Allotment of 11,000 Tickets for the Holiday Bowl

From the official site:

UCLA has sold out its entire institutional allotment of 11,000 tickets for the Bruins' December 27 Holiday Bowl game match-up against the Baylor Bears. 2012 football season ticket holders and Wooden Athletic Fund donors accounted for the majority of the ticket purchases.

The release also has this quote from Coach Mora:

"The home-field advantage created by UCLA fans at the Rose Bowl this season was remarkable," said UCLA Head Football Coach Jim Mora. "As a football team, we are grateful for the support of the fans, and look forward to seeing a lot of Bruin Blue in Qualcomm Stadium on December 27."

Good to hear that the allotment of tickets have been sold out. It probably wouldn't have taken this long if not for a rather draconian process set up by Morgan Center, not making it easy for UCLA fans to gobble up tickets. Of course, if UCLA had a pro-active AD, it'd go beyond just selling out it's allotment and look for more packages for UCLA alums and students, who are non-season ticket holders.

The goal for a competent AD should be turn a game like this - just hours away from our campus - into a home game with a sea of blue, instead of sending out self-congratulatory press releases for doing the bare minimum for one of our major revenue programs.