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UCLA Football Practice Holding Open/Public Practice On Saturday

That's the report from Jack Wang who blogged this:

Like last week, UCLA's practice is open to the public starting at 11 a.m. Saturday. It's supposed to be another "generic" practice, which means no game-specific prep for Baylor. (Players haven't been instructed to watch film yet, but a few have taken liberties to do so on their own.) Spaulding Field is immediately south of Pauley Pavilion, and Parking Lot 8 is south of that (access from Westwood Blvd).

So -- if you live around Westwood and have time tomorrow - it'd be awesome if you can make it down to Spaulding. Would love to read posts or see pictures of the team from BNers and get first hand impression on how the team is looking as it gets ready for a must win bowl game.