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Barr to Announce His Return to UCLA Soon?

So says Tracy Pierson on Bruin Report Online (in a short post not behind subscription firewall):

There has been much speculation that Barr would make the early leap to the NFL, especially after he had been listed as a potential first-round draft choice by some NFL Draft projections.

Sources have indicated that UCLA coaches and Barr have discussed a potential early entry into the NFL, but Barr and has decided to return to UCLA for 2013, and UCLA will announce it soon.

This is an encouraging sign but we are not going to get our hopes up until we see the official release. In the meantime, we will be happy and supportive of whatever Barr decides to do. After what he has done this past season he has earned that right to have space and make the decision that makes most sense for him in due time.


PS: 49ers are giving me multiple heart attacks tonight.