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Holiday Bowl Notes: "Another Typical Wednesday"

Bruins getting back to the 48-hours before gameday routine and mental preparation.

Qualcomm Stadium will be hosting its 2nd bowl game in a little over a week.
Qualcomm Stadium will be hosting its 2nd bowl game in a little over a week.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Mora briefly discussed the team's visit to the USS Boxer, noting that "That was no boat, that was a ship." While noting that despite not knowing what to expect with regards to the weather on gameday, the Bruins had another good practice, "a typical Wednesday" with "good enthusiasm."

What struck me as a stark contrast from last year, was that Mora focuses a lot on routine (a word that we had not heard many times before) and mental preparation.

By Wednesday morning, UCLA will be right on schedule. (UCLA) never deviates from 48 hours before gametime - mental preparation and routine.

Coach Mora also took some time to discuss Baylor's offense and how it compares to other offenses that we had seen this year in conference play.

Baylor's offense is excellent - similar to Arizona, tempo is similar to Arizona State [...] they just create huge alleys and (there are times where) receivers line up a yard away from the sidelines. (We) have not played anyone as explosive as these guys.

He also discussed the team's experience in San Diego so far and spending some quality time with Baylor's players.

Good kids and good men [...] We got to spend some time with them on the ship, (spend some time) at the hospital, at the zoo, Seaworld and luncheon on Wednesday.

Overall, one gets the sense that Mora truly appreciates the college bowl game experience while knowing that the Bruins priorities are to be mentally prepared due to routine and knowing what they have to do come gameday.

He also reminisced briefly about his first job, as an assistant for the San Diego Chargers at the home of the Holiday Bowl, Qualcomm Stadium, where he coached alongside the likes of some big NFL names including Coach Don Coryell, Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow and Charlie Joyner."

Stay tuned as more media clips from the bowl game festivities from today's zoo trip, tomorrow's Sea World trip and luncheon are sure to follow.

Go Bruins!