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UCLA's Jim Mora After Another Lackluster Win: "I Hope Nothing Changes"

After another underachieving performance in what is shaping up to be a massively disappointing season Jim Mora has nothing to offer except for cliches and excuses.

We are not sure how many of you will be able to make it through Jim Mora's post game presser after his opening marks. After another underachieving performance Mora has nothing to offer except for cliches such as "we are 6-2," and "I hope nothing changes in terms of result."

He also served up the same BS about how he has "fighting and scrapping" team, which still has a lot of "growing to do." He sounds just like all the other losers that have been hired by Dan Guerrero turning this program into a national joke. He starts by saying UCLA has a lot of "growing to do" but then he contradicts himself later saying he is not using youth as an excuse. In other words he sounds like a bumbling dolt.

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