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Polls: UCLA Football Holds Steady at 25

After a subpar performance in Boulder, the Bruins remain in the polls at 25.

Justin Edmonds

After yesterday's double overtime win in Colorado, we didn't expect UCLA to move up or down substantially in the polls after that "eh" performance.  The pollsters agreed, as UCLA holds at 25.

In interesting news, Southern Cal has dropped out of the poll after losing to Utah.  Utah moved up to 18.  Oregon is 5 in the AP, 6 in the coaches, while Arizona and Arizona state are holding on to 14 and 15.

Mississippi State is still number 1, with Florida State 2, Alabama 3, and Auburn 4, which is unchanged from last week.

Coaches AP Massey
1 Mississippi State Mississippi State Alabama
2 Florida State Florida State Ole Miss
3 Alabama Alabama Mississippi State
4 Auburn Auburn Auburn
5 Michigan State Oregon Florida State
6 Oregon Notre Dame Georgia
7 Notre Dame Ole Miss Oregon
8 Georgia Michigan State LSU
9 Ole Miss Georgia Kansas State
11 Kansas State Kansas State Michigan State
12 Baylor Baylor Oklahoma
13 Ohio State Ohio State Arizona State
14 Arizona State Arizona Baylor
15 Arizona Arizona State Notre Dame
16 Nebraska LSU Clemson
17 LSU Nebraska Nebraska
18 Utah Utah Texas A&M
19 East Carolina Oklahoma West Virginia
20 Oklahoma West Virginia Arizona
21 Clemson East Carolina Ohio State
22 West Virginia Clemson UCLA
23 Marshall Marshall Missouri
24 Duke Duke Utah

In case you're wondering "What the heck is the Massey?" It was one of the rankings that are computer generated that the BCS used.  If you'd like more information about the Massey rankings, check this out.

The College Football Playoffs Rankings come out this week.