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Pregame Guesses: UCLA Bruins v. Colorado Buffaloes

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How will both teams rush the ball and stop the run? Either side could have a big rushing day. How many points will UCLA score at home on Homecoming? Take a stab at this week's Pregame Guesses.

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Tomorrow is Homecoming and the UCLA Bruin football team hosts the Colorado Buffaloes in a contest kicking off at noon at the Rose Bowl. Not much time for tailgating! UCLA needs to take care of business against the Buffs, after squeaking by in overtime last season in Boulder, on a Brett Hundley rushing TD in the extra period. Colorado is better, at 4-4, but this is a game the Bruins must win.

* * *

This has been a hectic week and continues to be a hectic day for me. I have had no time to think about music, Colorado, how I feel about the Bruins, etc. So I am just going to pick a song that always makes me happy, and has an L.A. connection. And it has zero to do with football.

They're not The Police. They just sound like them. This song somehow made its way into the cult classic, 1983 movie, "Valley Girl." "Oh my God, like totally!" Sometimes you can catch this on Sirius/XM's First Wave. It's "Eyes of a Stranger" by the Payola$.

The cheesey 80s video puts a cherry on top. That leader singer mouthing the words is . . . interesting. A different era, that's for sure.

On to the guesses . . .

* * *

UCLA may or may not have Paul Perkins and/or Nate Starks this week. Colorado has an inexperienced front seven. UCLA's line has been up and down, but may get Conor McDermott back, which would help stabilize things. Even if Perk and/or Starks can go, I think one or both may be on a "pitch count," as suggested by commentor, mjfanatic42. All of which leads me to believe that this can be a coming out party for Soso Jamabo. PREGAME GUESS NUMBER ONE: True or false? Jamabo will rush for 100 yards tomorrow.

UCLA's rush defense is suspect and battered. Colorado has some decent backs. CU also has a quarterback who can and will run the ball. The Buffs' coaching staff is making it a priority going forward that QB, Sefo Liufau, will get yards (and touchdowns) with his legs. Colorado is #40 in the country in rushing offense, averaging 191.3 YPG. But take away two games against a pair of 1-5 schools, and they would be #106 in the nation, averaging 130.2 YPG. PREGAME GUESS NUMBER 2: I am setting the line at 130.2 rushing yards. Will Colorado rush for more or less yards? Remember, sacks count as negative rushing yards in college.

Commentor, Changito, doesn't see why UCLA can't score more than 42 points in this game. I agree. PREGAME GUESS NUMBER 3: I am setting the line for UCLA points at 42. Will UCLA score more or less points than 42?

That's it for today's Pregame Guesses. I apologize for the somewhat truncated version.

Enjoy the game tomorrow and, if you have the pleasure of going to the Rose Bowl, please be safe.

Go Bruins!!!!!