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WATCH: Coach Mora Explains How UCLA Filled Holes Created By Injuries

There's no doubt that Saturday's win against Colorado was a close call. While injuries shouldn't be an excuse, with a casualty list the blew up on Saturday, you have to give the Bruins credit for hanging on for the win.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't already watched Coach Mora's postgame press conference from Saturday, you need to for no other reason than to hear him describe the injuries the team dealt with during the course of Saturday's game.

I'm not even going to transcribe it because you just have to listen to how he describes the challenges the team had to overcome to get the win on Saturday. To be sure, at some point, someone needs to be held accountable for all the injuries this year. I don't know if that's Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi or what, but the sheer number of injuries this year would seem to indicate that there is some sort of a problem somewhere.

Thanks to Ed Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report for all the videos in this article (except Tak McKinley). Here's the video of Coach Mora which Ed shot.

Personally, though, I find Bradley's video even more forthcoming. Bradley admits that the UCLA defense was plugging holes with guys who had never practiced at the position they were playing before and that limited him to basically two defensive schemes.

As Mora said in his press conference, "you have to play with eleven." Well, technically, I guess you don't, but you'd be pretty damn stupid to not put an 11th guy on the field when that is what the opponent has.

Next, we come to Noel Mazzone. Of Mora and the two coordinators, Mazzone always gives the worst post game interviews. It seems like all he likes to do is sit there and be impressed by the handful of plays that worked well all game.

You get no real insight from him whatsoever, coachspeak or otherwise. I'd consider not including his interviews, but I think that his interviews show you just how far he is in over his head.

Now, we come to the players and, first up is Josh Rosen, who seems to be better at giving interviews sometimes than Coach Mazzone. After Josh, there's Thomas Duarte, and Jake Brendel from the offense and those guys are folowed by Kenny Clark, Nate Meadors, and Takkarist McKinley.

Thanks to Ed Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report for each of the above videos. The final video for today is Takkarist McKinley and this one comes courtesy of David Woods of BRO.

Thanks again to David Woods of BRO for the video of Tak!

Obviously, the key takeaway from these videos is how many guys were filling in somewhere else due to injuries. It's football. Injuries are part of the game. But, that still leaves one to question whether the injuries are just bad luck, a failure of Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi's program, the artificial practice surface on the IM Field where the team is practicing this year or something else altogether.

I have no idea. But the coaches better figure it out and fast! Oregon State is this week, but that's followed by a brutal three games against Wazzu, Utah and Southern Cal.

Go Bruins!!!