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Southern Cal Coaching Search: Tedford & Trojans – Interested in Each Other

Jeff Tedford’s name comes up in a prominent way during Southern Cal’s coaching search.

Baton exchange?
Baton exchange?
Harry How

This got lost over the weekend but certainly worth noting now especially this game-week. There is mutual interest between Pat Haden and Jeff  Tedford:

The latest name to be connected to the vacancy is Jeff Tedford.  According to, USC approached the former Cal head coach shortly after Kiffin's dismissal with an offer to serve as an offensive consultant and recruiter.  The offer, the source told the website, came with the suggestion that Tedford would then be considered when it came time to name Kiffin's replacement.

Tedford reportedly declined the opportunity, but made sure the school knew he wanted to be considered for the job.

Tedford to Southern Cal - would certainly make a lot of sense to us.