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Resurgent Southern Cal Interviews Jack Del Rio

Southern Cal has interviewed Denver's interim head coach Jack Del Rio for Trojan football program's open head-coach position.

Stephen Dunn

The news is out today. Southern Cal has interviewed Denver's interim head coach Jack Del Rio for it's open HC position:

DENVER -- The Broncos confirmed Sunday that interim coach Jack Del Rio interviewed for the head coaching job at USC during Denver's bye week.

Fox Sports earlier reported Del Rio's interview with his alma mater.

USC athletic director Pat Haden reached out to Broncos executive vice president John Elway for permission to speak with Denver's defensive coordinator at a time that was convenient for the Broncos.

The Broncos were impressed by Haden's approach because college administrators are under no obligation to seek permission from NFL teams before reaching out to their coaches.

Del Rio interviewed for the Trojans' job Nov. 1.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. If you go the ESPN link, you will see the tWWL clowns - Mark May and Lou Holtz - openly campaigning for Ed "O" to get the permanent gig as the Trojan head coach.

Pat Hayden made the right move in firing Hello Kiffin (all our jokes aside). But now he is in a weird position. He can't really fire Coach "O" given how well the Trojans have played. But at the same time this has Steve Lavin circa 1996-97 written all over it. Either way if the head coach is anyone else besides Coach "O," he will be in a weird position given how Trojies are so attached to their "O."

Anyway, for us who leads the Trojans doesn't matter at this point of time. The pressure is on Coach Jim Mora to get it done against ASU before even thinking about Southern Cal. If UCLA doesn't win the Pac-12 South this year (and beat the Trojans), this season will be a huge disappointment (FAIL). Here is to Bruins getting it done next Saturday.