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Spaulding Roundup: Orgeron Dares Bruins to Burn Down Troy, Injury Notes & Other UCLA Updates

News and notes from UCLA football program on Thanksgiving Day as the Bruins get ready for the biggest game of the season.

Jeff Gross

Well, once again a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in this community. Hope everyone is having a great Turkey Day and enjoying the football games (oh, I guess there is the process of going through the motion of following TARA's team on ESPN3 blowing out another cupcake).

The Bruins had a practice early this morning after which Coach Jim Mora met the reporters. And, after practice before getting together with their family and friends, the team took time out of their Holiday to help feed over 500 homeless folks and their families, at an even hosted by PATH and Pink Taco at the Pink Taco on the Sunset Strip. The Bruins participated as honorary hosts and servers. Here is a video of it on instagram and more details on the official site. While the Bruins were serving the homeless in the community, Ogre "gobbled down two pieces of cheesecake" with his boys at the Trogans' Cheesecake Factory "team dinner" last night.

We will get back to Ogre at the end of the post, but let's get to some of Mora's comments from practice first. Here is the video:

The injury notes from Mora FWIW:

  • Damien Thigpen will be a "game time decision."
  • Jordan James "looks good"
  • Steve Manfro has had a "really good week of work"
  • Malcom Jones is "feeling great"
  • Fabian Moreau is a "game-time decisions"

From the video, I didn't catch any specific note on Devin Fuller (who was out for the Arizona State game with a hip injury IIRC). If I missed anything there, please post an update in the comment thread or fanshot it.

Chris Foster (LA Times) trolled Mora (well Chris is always trolling Mora) about the status of Myles Jack at RB. Mora laughed it off and said Jack may get couple of snaps as "situation" present themselves. No follow-up though on whether Jack will see snaps at LBs. That IMO is a big issue for Saturday.

For the Bruins to win this game on Saturday, the defense is going to have to put ferocious pressure on Trojan's first year QB. They need to destabilize the Trojan point of attack early on and completely disrupt the timing and rhythm of their offense. It'd be good to get the numbers in Cody Kessler's jersey dirty and grass stuck in his helmet courtesy of Barr, Jack, Zumwalt, Kendricks, Marsh et al. after the first two or tree series. They need to hit him (within the flow of the game and without any cheap-shots ala no. 11) again and again on every play.

This is not a game for Lou "Half-Time" Spanos to react and adjust. This is a game he needs to have the Trojans pre-schemed and come at them from the very first snap. No excuses.

If you are looking for some quick reads:

Lastly, in case folks haven't seen Ogre's comments from the Trogan prep rally - make sure to watch the video and take in his comments again:

Come Saturday night, we're gonna let those little boys from across town into our stadium and we're gonna lock the gates.

Well, as noted by Give me a B ...

Uhmm..."Let them in...and lock the gates."

Wasn't that how they lost the Trojan War?

Sure hope the entire program - coaches and players - have seen those comments so far. We expect them to burn down Troy on Saturday night.