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Bruin Bites: Beat Southern Cal Game Day Edition

It's Saturday morning, which means we're just a few hours away from the most important game of the year: an absolute must-win fight for Los Angeles supremacy against Orgeron's sanctions-depleted Southern Cal Trojans football team. With both schools eliminated from the Pac-12 South, it's now a matter of pride, salvaging a season, and securing better bowl positioning.

The Bruins will have to find a way to get the ground game going without Jet Ski to lead them over the Trojans
The Bruins will have to find a way to get the ground game going without Jet Ski to lead them over the Trojans
Harry How

So, it's come down to this: a resurgent Southern Cal Trojans squad playing on emotion for their interim head coach, resiliently turning around a season that was in complete free fall under Lane Kiffin taking on a struggling UCLA Bruins team that seems to be aloof about the importance of today's game.  For Jim Mora, it's his last chance to redeem a season that will not even make the bare minimum expectations (win 9 games, win the Pac-12 South, beat the Trojans) laid out before the year even began.  And what's important to remember about this game is that it represents lost opportunity: Southern Cal, by their own lofty standards are in total free-fall -- this is a program, that not too long ago, was getting punked out by Vince Young in the BCS title game.  Now, they are sanctioned and barely relevant.  But instead of capitalizing on an opportunity to completely change the dynamics of college football in Southern California, UCLA has sat around and done nothing (much like our incompetent athletic director).  While Pete Carroll took full advantage of a similar opportunity to change the dynamics in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, UCLA looks to do too-little, too-late and will instead compete against a resurgent Southern Cal team instead of kicking them while they were down to keep them there.

Heckuva job Chianti.  You too Jim.

But there's still opportunity: with Southern Cal poised to hire either Jack Del Rio or Ed Orgeron as their next head coach, if Jim Mora can get a huge win over the Trojans in their house, dominate whatever third or fourth tier bowl we end up in, and come out firing on all cylinders next season and actually win the conference, UCLA might just be able to reverse our fortunes like Carroll did at Southern Cal.  The opportunity is there Jim: are you going to take it or not?

With that said, let's turn to the game itself: kick-off is slated for 5 p.m. PST on ABC in a nationally televised rivalry grudge match. While most of your wisely avoid the Southern Cal campus like the plague, now is the time to man-up and head down and help turn the Coliseum blue.  For those of us in exile, you can find information on watch parties in your local area here.  Alright, let's turn to the various bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse as we get ready to kick-off a huge must-win game for Jim Mora:

Alright folks, those are your bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse as we get ready to take on the Southern Cal Trojans in an absolute must-win game for Jim Mora and our Bruins. Stay tuned for the morning general college football open thread and, of course, our rivalry game thread prior to kick-off. Fire away in the comment section with your thoughts, opinions, additions, etc. Let’s get it done Bruins: no excuses. Must win.