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Jim Mora After UCLA's Domination of Southern Cal: It's "Brewin" in Westwood

In a fired up post-game presser Jim Mora lays it out for all blue chip recruits in Southern California and beyond - "if I Am A High school player, I'd want to play in UCLA right now."

And once again thanks to Edward Lewis from to put up the first video of Jim Mora's post game presser.

Needless to say he was pretty freaking pumped up. Already blogged about his first comment re. Ed 's stupid smack from earlier this week. That wasn't his focus. What he really focused on was on recruiting and how this is going to be a huge help to this program saying, "you win two games in a row in this town, things start to change."

He also left no doubt that he prefers Brett Hundley to come back for another season because he will want to be part of something "special" at UCLA. He called a night like "tonight" even more special that winning a "Super Bowl."

As a die hard 49ers fan who enjoy Super Bowl wins, I couldn't agree more with Mora on that point. This is much sweeter than winning a Super Bowl.