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UCLA 35 Southern Cal 14: Highlights of Bruins' Conquest of Troy

Video highlights of UCLA's 35-14 beatdown of Southern Cal

There is still nothing on UCLA Athletics' official YouTube channel on tonight's game. Meanwhile, the digital staff at Heritage Hall have already uploaded Ed O's post-game comments and their "highlights" of the game on Southern Cal's official YouTube channel. So while Jim Mora's team PWNed the Trojans on the field, unfortunately Chianti's staff still continues to lag behind the Trojan PR machine.

Oh well. We are not going to let that damper our spirits tonights. Thanks to "XO Sports" for slicing up the game highlights up and uploading on their YouTube channel.

One observation worth bringing up here. The Trojans' first TD was not a TD given their guy clearly fumbled it across the goal-line. Yet, the Pac-12's joke replay officials didn't bother to replay that call (we wonder why UCLA didn't challenge that play either). Earlier a Nelson Aguilar catch was ruled in-bound even though he was clearly out of bounds. Yet, the same officials had no problem waving a clear TD catch from Devin Lucien. Whatever, Brett Hundley ran it in on the next play. And still ... #WOTT.