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Brett Hundley: "UCLA Runs LA, Everybody Knows That"

UCLA's superstar quarterback lets the country know on national TV what we all already knew - UCLA runs Los Angeles.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't seen the graphic that has been going around on Twitter (via Jalen Ortiz @The1NOnly_Ocho):


ESPN's Arash Makazi has more on this ("power shift"):

"Last year after the win over SC nobody gave us credit for it, and this win really validated what we did last year and what we're doing this year," Hundley said. "The one thing that's funny to me is I never thought of this as a battle. I thought of this more as a takeover. UCLA runs L.A. and let's have some fun saying it because we have another year to say it." [...]

"It's funny to hear the statistics, but we're a new team," Hundley said. "Just to be able to come out here and get the win at the Coliseum really says something and shows the nation what we're doing. Now people can look at UCLA and say they run L.A. ... You can wear your UCLA stuff proudly and people will look at you differently now. Everyone in the country is taking notice of what UCLA is doing."

That column is extra tasty to read today given Arash is a Trogan alum who got started with sports-writing -- salivating all over Cheatey Petey. Can't imagine the discomfort he had to be in to write that up tonight.