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Loser Trojan Crybaby Whines About Mora's Peptalk

Anything to distract from the a$$ whipping the Trogans took last night

Stephen Dunn

Nothing like the morning after the natural order of the universe has been upheld to sit back, enjoy a little coffee, and read the recollections and tales of derring-do floating about the internet. That enjoyment is of course not only limited to uplifting stories of our own play but also of the suffering and humiliation of our downtrodden and defeated opponents. ESPN, never the neutral source they claim to be when it comes to this rivalry, has provided us a tasty tidbit of the latter variety:

Incidentally, it wasn't a particularly good look when UCLA head coach Jim Mora held his postgame pep talk with his team in the middle of the Coliseum tunnel -- in plain sight of USC players' families and media members filing past -- rather than taking it into the visiting locker room. "We own this town!" boomed Mora's voice.

A UCLA spokesman said there wasn't room to hold the talk in the locker room, but a USC spokesman said he hadn't seen a visiting coach address his team in the tunnel since Lou Holtz, whose last season at Notre Dame was in 1996.

Yes, how dare Mora disrespect and desecrate the clearly public and symbolic area that the Trogans hold so dear like the stadium tunnel. It's not like it's, oh I don't know, the UCLA script at midfield at the Rose Bowl or anything. That's obviously fair game for a skirt wearing jackass to stab his little sword into and we're all whiners for stopping him from doing it, but when Mora addresses his team in a public area, that obviously means Mora is the bad guy. It totally makes sense if you don't think about it.

Whine On, losers. #WOTT