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Orgeron, disrepected by Haden, resigns from Southern Cal

Any dream by trogan fans of keeping Ed Orgeron, a top recruiter and great defensive line coach, at South Central are now gone.

Believe me, I'm no apologist for Southern Cal, and no one needs more apologies than those guys in the first place.  But I also know something about fair play and right and wrong.  And the way Haden and Southern Cal dissed Coach 0 was pretty weak.

I think one can make a fair case for $C retaining Ed Orgeron as the full time head coach based on his record and how his players responded in the middle of that utter mess that Lane Kiffin created.  You can also make a lot of good arguments why Southern Cal should go with a splashier hire.

But the announcement today that the trogans hired 7 Win Sark from UW shows that Pat Haden never really considered Orgeron as a viable candidate, and has just been waiting for the season's end to pull the trigger.  It is crazy to consider what would have happened had Southern Cal beaten us on Saturday and how this would have looked, so you have to believe that Haden was secretly thrilled when the Bruins walked all over Orgeron's gutty little trogans on their turf.

Awesome, Haden rooting for the Bruins to win.

He might as well just keep that mindset.  It's gonna happen a lot