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Does Mora's future rest in Guerrero's hands?

Let's hope not.  Because it's apparently no secret that our A.D. is a moron.

I have to admit there is a special allure of one's alma mater.  We'd likely all love to have a chance to get back to U.C.L.A. ourselves, right?

But personally, I would be very surprised if Mora left.  He's only been here for two years and it is through his efforts that all signs are really pointing up, so I bet Mora wants to see things through.  Besides that, he looks genuinely happy with Westwood and Los Angeles.  Having his parents nearby and able to attend games every week seems very important.  His son is playing soccer less than an hour away.  The advantages for playing football and recruiting are unparalleled. His words after beating down the trogans in their house sounded like someone truly invested in his football program.  Mora has a pretty good thing going in Westwood right now.

It all comes down to whether the U.C.L.A. job is worth staying for or not.  And that ultimately rests on Dan Guerrero's broad but unsculpted shoulders.  It is his job to ensure that the Bruins have everything they need to attract and keep the best, and that means both recruits and coaching staff.  With his "What's wrong with Spaulding?" attitude, we know that Dan is U.C.L.A.'s biggest weakness.  And if Mora finds the UW job more attractive than ours, then that failure is all on our lesser AD.

We can build better facilities, but we can't build a better Dan.