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Southern Cal Begs the NCAA to Ease Scholarship Sanctions, NCAA Tells Trojans to Get Lost

Southern Cal’s athletic director went begging to the NCAA to ease it’s much deserved scholarship sanctions. NCAA appropriate tells the Trojan AD to get lost.

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So earlier this week [Ethical] Pat Haden went to NCAA and begged them to ease of the scholarship sanctions on Southern Cal. In the words of Trojan apologists on ESPN Pac-12's blog which is connected to Trojans were seeking "justice."

The NCAA in return gave Trojans the Heisman:

The NCAA turned down USC's request for "consideration" regarding the sanctions in place on its football program, two days after athletic director Pat Haden met with NCAA officials to discuss the penalties in light of Penn State's recent restoration of lost scholarships.

In a statement provided to USA TODAY Sports, NCAA spokesperson Megan Durham said, "There is no comparison between the USC and Penn State cases. In USC's case, a hearing before the Committee on Infractions was held and there was an appeal. There will be no further appeal."

Well ... guys:


I mean ...


Okay enough here:



Seriously the news further underscores how there is no easy out for the Trojans right now after Cheatey Petey completely screwed that program. But they shouldn't feel too sorry for themselves. They have the right guy in charge who is guiding them through with smart and strategic leadership.