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Haden's Cold Blooded Move: Pulled Kiffin Off of the Team Bus

Pat Haden made his move when he'd seen enough. Deadspin is reporting that Haden literally pulled Kiffin off of the team bus and wouldn't let him ride it back to campus. He had to find his own ride home, while his suitcase was still on the team bus.

If the situation were reversed, Dan Guerrero would have sat back and prayed we beat SC and saved the coach's job. Haden, on the other hand, made sure his coach had no chance to win enough games or the rivalry game somehow "save" his job. He would have released a statement saying "I don't make decisions on coaches until after the season."

Fuck me - Guerrero would have said "well the sanctions and the injuries, let's give him another year." Haden, on the other hand, just started his coaching search. He doesn't have to wait until after the season.