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About Last Night: Young and Talented Coach Lane Kiffin Under Fire in Southern Cal

One of college football's most young and talented head coach - Lane Kiffin - is under fire from fans with unreasonable expectations at Southern Cal.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Uh ... so that's what happened last night. I totally thought Coach Lane Kiffin was going to come through at the end (just like he did against Hawaii) and get the Trojans rolling in the second half. Unfortunately, things didn't go his way as his talented but young and inexperienced squad didn't come through against a well-coached Washington State Cougars.

The Trojans had a really rough time against the Cougars defense (which we are sure is one of the best in the country):

USC's 193 yards was its fewest since totaling 189 against Florida State in 1998. The Trojans' 54 passing yards were their fewest since a paltry 23 in the same Florida State game.

"When your offense only passes for 50 yards, that's just embarrassing," quarterback Cody Kessler said.

Yes, Cody should be embarrassed. Despite having the advantage of being coached by one of the most talented and imaginative playcaller in the country - Kiffin - Cody and his team-mates failed to execute a great game plan. And yes, Kiffin had a solid game-plan:

"I'm getting used to (the boos). You really can't worry about that. It is what it is. I think I heard that before the game during warmups."

"The plan was if we were able to hold up on defense to make sure we didn't screw up on offense. As boring as it was, that was the plan."

Nothing wrong with that Coach Kiffin. Don't let those unreasonable fans (who are expecting a national championship year) get to you buddy. You had a great game plan, not your fault if the players are not getting it done. I mean you can call it "boring" all you want folks - but you can't argue with Football 101.

Of course the Trojan press is smelling blood. They are totally forgetting how under Kiffin's leadership the Trojans won 10 games and beat Oregon in Eugene less than 2 years ago. So they are firing their potshots from all angles! And there are the fans:

How can any coach ever make these kinds of fans happy? Even Vince Lombardi would get run out of Southern Cal.

Hang in there Coach Kiffin.