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Report: Alabama Hires Lane Kiffin As Offensive Coordinator

Nick Saban agrees with general sentiment on BruinsNation. Lane Kiffin is a brilliant offensive master-mind who never got a fair shot from Southern Cal's unreasonable fanbase.

Harry How

Well looky here:

Alabama has hired Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator, sources told on Friday.

The sides agreed to a three-year deal, a source said, and a contract is being completed.

Now that's a BOOM!

See -- we weren't kidding when we were praising Lane Kiffin as an offensive guru. Nick Saban agrees with us:

"Lane is a really good offensive coach, and I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for him," Saban said then. "Just to come in and brainstorm a little bit to get some professional ideas with our guys is a really positive thing."

Lane is going to replace Doug Nessmeier who left Tuscaloosa to take over the OC position at Michigan (Wolverines fired Al Borges - the former Bruin OC from Toledo years).

This move is not a total shock. Kiffin and Saban share the same super agent Jimmy Sexton. Lane can be a decent OC. And maybe Saban was looking to open up a recruiting link to West Coast. Either way chances are Lane will be there for two years before returning to the NFL to take over for fired Rex Ryan of New York's J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets. Jets.

Ok, seriously. We are glad to see Kiffin back in the SEC. He could have been a legend at Southern Cal. It's too bad Southern Cal's unreasonable fanbase and administration never gave him a fair shot.