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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Beat Southern Cal Bonfire Cancelled

The fire may not have been lit last night, but the Bruin spirit is still strong.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Rivalry Week is (was) a fun time on campus.  There is usually a buzz as everyone gets ready for the game and takes part in the activities during the week, and calling out ANYONE wearing red.

Also shout out to Bear Patrol, who should consider upping their patrols by a week, after the scumbags across town got to the Bear early.

One of those traditions is the Bonfire on Thursday night.  The football team comes out, the coach will say a few words, and we get pumped up as we burn a pile of wood, that in previous years, used to be Tommy Trojan but apparently we need to be sensitive (sure, whatever) and is now just a pile of painted wood.

Coach Mora got into it:

Yes, that's an F Bomb. Do we care? No.

What do we care about? There was no fire.

This isn't new - there have been occasions due to fire danger where the bonfire was not lit. This is understandable. However, this year, a group of students decided to sit on the wood pallets to protest the UC's decision to increase tuition over the next five years.

Not everyone was happy with that decision:

On the other side, there are the students that believe the message got out:

Interesting when someone called her out on it though:

In reality,  no the rally CANNOT wait, as the game is this weekend, we have to contract with UCPD and the Fire Department for the safe lighting of the fire, and it made what could have been a unifying experience for freshmen and a final bonfire for seniors a disappointment.

One way to cure that disappointment:

Beating Southern Cal.

Go Bruins.