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Unreasonable Southern Cal Fans Unleash Misguided Attacks Against Steve Sarkisian

After an undermanned Southern Cal team gets bullied and crushed by UCLA, the impatient and unreasonable Trojan fans against their head coach.

At least Sark seems to be eating well as the head coach of Trojans
At least Sark seems to be eating well as the head coach of Trojans
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

They are already going after Steve Sarkisian over at Southern Cal:

And that is from the Trojan beat writer of the Los Angeles Daily News (he happens to be an alum). If that's the kind of venom Sark is getting from someone who is supposed to be a "serious" professional sports journalist, imagine the vitriol and attacks the poor guy is getting from Trojan faithful in their blogs (do they have any) and message board cesspools.

Sarkisian is young. He has the potential to emerge as a very good coach. Despite all the depth issues with their sanctions, he managed to keep the Trojans in the thick of the conference race up to this point of the season. Trojans made a huge mistake when they let Lane Kiffin go. We warned them against firing Kiffin, who is now really thriving in Tuscaloosa. They cannot afford to make the same mistake again and run Sark out of town. Give the man a chance Trojans. He has already given you 7 wins with still one game left in the regular seasons.

Relax, Sark on Trojans.

Go Bruins!