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#DefendourLogo : UCLA’s Sam Handler Steps Up While the Athletic Department was MIA

UCLA's back up (and injured) wide receiver became an instant Bruin legend as he stepped up to defend the UCLA logo against the obnoxious Trojan marching band, while no one from the athletic department appeared to be paying attention.


Earlier in the week Menelaus wrote a post, pleading the UCLA coaches and players to make sure they #DefendtheLogo against the Trojan marching band. His post was shared all over social media by other UCLA alums and students who shared his (and our) concern. But the idea of Bruins needing to defend the logo was mocked by few in certain corners of the internets.

When Josh Rebholz - an official from UCLA athletics department - was  approached by some UCLA boosters and fans about the issue, he reportedly assured them that the UCLA AD was on top of it. In fairness to Josh, the "Trojan Drum Major" posted a pathetic and whiny tweet confirming that he was banned from the stabbing the logo.

But were the UCLA officials really on top of it? It's unclear. What is clear that at least one member of our football team was paying close attention to the pleas from Menelaus and many others in the Bruin Nation.

From Bill Plaschke in the Los Angeles Times:

It started with a Bruins' defensive stand before the opening kickoff, with injured UCLA wide receiver Sam Handler standing firmly at midfield as the USC band prepared to march there, symbolically protecting the giant UCLA logo while fans cheered and USC officials wildly complained.

We've got photos of this happening via Twitter:

Everyone who is reading this (whether you are lurker or a regular poster on BN) should take time to thank Sam in this thread. He is now an instant UCLA hall of famer in the hearts and minds of Bruin Nation.

Say it with me - THANK YOU SAM!!

Go Bruins!!!