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Ex-Trogan Sues Southern Cal And Lane Kiffin

Former cornerback Brian Baucham filed suit yesterday against Southern Cal as well as against former head coach Lane Kiffin, claiming he was forced to play despite being ill.

Harry How

According to a report from the AP and Fox Sports, former Trogan cornerback Brian Baucham is suing both u$c and former head coach Lane Kiffin. Baucham alleges that he was forced to play a game against Cal while he was ill.

According to the suit filed Monday by Baucham's attorneys, Baucham suffered "cardiopulmonary damage and brain injury" when he played against Cal on September 22, 2012. He had suffered a concussion two months earlier.

The lawsuit claims that Kiffin forced Baucham to play even though he was ill before the game.

During the second half, Baucham collapsed on the field and he never played for the Trogans again.

After he collapsed, he was taken off the field by ambulance and was on a ventilator at the hospital for several days.

ESPN reports that:

A brain scan later revealed Baucham "had sustained a brain injury and had bleeding in the brain," the lawsuit said. Baucham has no memory of the second half of the game, according to his lawsuit.

According to the suit, u$c also tried to revoke Baucham's scholarship after he collapsed.

ESPN included a quote from Pat Haden on the siutation:

It wouldn't be appropriate for us to comment on this lawsuit, and due to privacy laws we cannot comment on the specifics of this case. I will say that I am confident that we provide excellent medical treatment to our student athletes and that their health is always our primary concern ahead of any athletic competition.

Of course, this isn't the first time Southern Cal has been sued by a former player. Former tailback Stafon Johnson sued the school after his throat was crushed in a weightlifting accident. That suit was settled in 2012.