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Haden's Intimidation Earns Reprimand and $25K Fine

Seven-Win Sark is also reprimanded but not fined. CFP Executive Director blows off calls to remove Haden from the CFP selection committee.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 Conference today reprimanded both u$c football coach Steve Sarkisian and AD Pat Haden. Haden's attempt to intimidate game officials also earned him a $25,000 fine.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said:

The conduct by USC Athletics Director Pat Haden was inappropriate. Such actions by an administrator in attempt to influence the officiating, and ultimately the outcome of a contest, will not be tolerated.

The conduct by both Sarkisian and Haden were in clear violation of our Conference’s Standards of Conduct policy. We appreciate the public apology and recognition of the errors in judgment, as well as Pat Haden’s self-imposed 2-game sideline ban. We took this into consideration as we determined the discipline. Nonetheless, the actions fell short of our expectation of our head coaches and athletics directors as role models for our student-athletes and important leaders of our institutions.

USA Today's Dan Wolken immediately called for Haden to resign from the College Football Playoff selection committee and he should.

According to an article on, however, it does not look like he will receive pressure to do so from Playoff Executive Director Bill Hancock who released the following statement:

Emotional outbursts at games are not a matter for the playoff selection committee to deal with. This does not affect Pat Haden's capability as a committee member. We recognize that athletics directors cannot be dispassionate about their own teams, and that's why we have the recusal policy.

That's why current ADs should not be on the committee.

Leave it to the University of Sleazy Cheaters. Cheat on!