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Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll Lose the Super Bowl - His Dumbfounded Expression Returns

Pete Carroll has the world's worst poker face.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Last night at the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots wiped the smirk off of Pete Carroll's face and replaced it with a look of "what the, I was supposed to win!" that UCLA fans are familiar with since 2006.

What look?  you know, that look:

Why does that lost look so familiar? Oh yes:

Right about the 19 second mark is when it makes an appearance.

The Patriots at the 1 yard line intercepted Russell Wilson. Seattle, needing a touchdown, had 20 something odd seconds left and a timeout, so they decided to get cute instead of just RUNNING THE BALL IN WITH MARSHAWN LYNCH and were intercepted, essentially ending the game.

It wasn't just the national media, or all of Twitter. Some former Southern Cal players couldn't believe the play call, bringing up 2006.

Even the Daily News Southern Cal beat writer had a FIELD DAY:

Congratulations to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. By the way, was he even thought about when he was picking colleges before going to Michigan?

Go Bruins.